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A harmonious light and colour concept is part of the corporate design at The Flag Zurich and covers a wide range of green tones. The modern and discreet atmosphere is enriched by the works of several Zurich artists who emphasize interesting points:

Friederike Tebbe

Friederike Tebbe is head of the studio farbarchiv in Berlin and developed the colour concept for The Flag Zurich. She already created a consistent visual identity for the The Flags in Trier, Münster and Frankfurt. She believes it is important for buildings to blend into their surroundings and take up a particular colouration depending on the perspective.

For The Flag Zurich, Friederike Tebbe also designed the fourth floor with her pictures. The artist aims to convey the deliberate interaction of colour, light and space. She works with geometric colour fields that actively interact with their environment.

Tilo Kaiser

Born in 1965 in Frankfurt, the artist presently lives in London. He composes and cuts and pastes his works in intense colours, inspired by movements such as Pop Art, Mülheimer Freiheit and expressionism as well as by comic drawings and Graffiti. For The Flag, Tilo Kaiser created works whose oval shapes immediately draw attention and spread pure joy on the first and third floor.

Toto Zumpano

Toto Zumpano was born in Argentina and lives in Marbella, Spain. Before his career as an artist, he studied architecture and worked as a professor of architectural history in Argentina. With his art, Zumpano wants to build a bridge from his inner world to the outside world and thus create a new and colourful world. His works can be seen on the ground floor.

Lutz Dransfeld

The German artist was born in Siegen. Lutz Dransfeld began to exhibit his works while studying architecture. After graduating, he participated in several architecture competitions with a focus on theatre and exhibition building. Since 1995, he has lived in Berlin, where he founded "atelierkunstraum". As an installation artist and painter, he explores interspaces. In many of his works, he combines various perspectives, plays with two- and three-dimensionality and confronts the viewer with his perceptions. For the Flag, Lutz Dransfeld designed the fifth floor.

Gerrit Cramer

Photographer Gerrit Cramer is a native of Attendorn. He specializes in product photography, industrial photography and wedding photography. For The Flag Zurich, he created expressive black-and-white images of the construction site, which now add depth to every room. He didn’t miss a single detail worth to be recorded, thus providing a visually powerful reminder of the construction phase. The entire second floor of The Flag Zurich features images of this photographic artist.

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